Future Gardens

Future Gardens:

Coming in 2021: The Elevation Grass Collection!

The Grass Garden was planned for installation in 2020, but the Covid 19 pandemic and the inability to hold fundraising activities have put plans on hold until spring of 2021.

This garden will showcase ornamental grasses in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and bloom times. This garden will also include decorative boulders. See schematic below. Some of the varieties to be included here include several species of Bluestem, 'Sea Urchin' Fescue, Pink Muhly Grass, Indian Grass, and Switchgrass. It is hoped that the average homeowner will draw inspiration from these underutilized and water-wise grasses.

Once completed, this garden will create a beautifully finished continuous transition between the Crevice Garden, the Mountain Thyme Sundial, and the Cindy Smart Miniature Tree Garden.

Coming in 2022-2023: The Literary Garden!

In the planning stage for several years, the Literary Garden, which depends on future help from the public in fundraising, is drawing closer to reality. In partnership with the Library staff, significant works from six different literary genres or styles, from the Classics to Literature for Youth, will be chosen to be represented in this garden, which will be built in the form of beautiful raised beds. Appropriate plantings will be chosen for each area that will also showcase the Gardens' compliance with new City water policies.