The Arboreta

Arboretum (singular) and Arboreta (plural)

The Arboreta are collections or groupings of different tree gardens in a continuous area wrapping around the Library. Each tree area has a different theme or purpose. The Gabbro Miniature Conifer Garden was the first installation in 2016. Designed by Lisa Bourey and Erik Lewis, this garden is set high on the wall separating the trail and the Library overlooking the Crevice Garden and the river. You can read more about this garden below.

Along the walkway north and east the next garden is The Cindy Smart Miniature Tree Garden, (Areas 1-7 in the schematic below) named for the Gardens' founding Executive Director. It features shrubs and dwarf trees and is also linked below. 

Further west, the Arboretum contains larger specimens that demonstrate appropriate trees for larger landscaped areas, trees which inspire the expansion of the tree palette in Durango and the region for the average homeowner. (Areas 8-12 below)