Welcome to the Demonstration Garden

The Library Demonstration Garden

The Library Demonstration Garden is essentially a rock garden with different boulders, mulches, and other hardscape features that delineate different areas. This garden was selected to be in a national North American Rock Garden Society (NARGS) publication " 11 Rock Gardens of Colorado”. These gardens demonstrate how to develop and maintain water-wise landscapes of this nature in our climate and terrain. Touch the number on the map below to see pictures and descriptions for plants in each section of this Garden


The focus of the Demonstration Garden is scientific. DBS has partnered with Plant Select® and Denver Botanic Gardens to bring plants, shrubs, and trees from the Intermountain West and other geographic areas that are adapted to our challenging conditions. The garden has been divided into 7 sections that highlight plants from different life zones found in and around the Durango area. Start with the Prairie Garden at the entrance and enjoy your tour. The garden map is color coded and follows the garden path from the entrance sign.